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IBM’s bet: E-commerce can be just as big as analytics

IBM is making a big push into e-commerce similar to what it did for analytics. Like IBM’s push into analytics, Big Blue is throwing some bodies at the category. IBM said it will launch a consulting practice with 1,200 commerce experts as well as another 1,200 sales people. The IBM is also looking to form commerce communities to share best practices and data.

H-P will announce this afternoon that it is investing in becoming a cloud computing giant. Reports are that the company is looking at analytics acquisitions. Unfortunately, H-P is way behind the curve.

IBM and Oracle are already several moves ahead.

By building on its decade of analytics investments, IBM is well situated to assist its customers in profiting from the complexity of cloud commerce while still understanding the waves of social change that are affecting how and why consumers buy.

Enterprise agility will be tested even more in the coming decade as global commerce trends demand fast but accurate market responses — regardless of language, culture, or market maturity differences. IBM is gearing up for that demand.

Based on my experience and research, very few companies have a world-class real-time dashboard on supply and demand. (Bet Apple wished it could conjure up another couple million iPad 2’s this past weekend). Hiding buying decisions in the cloud creates massive redirection of buying and purchase decision-making; think Facebook-created demand and Groupon. Logistics is moving into the cloud as well; think Fedex and UPS.

As a result, the supply and demand chain is a lot more obscure than it was a decade ago, making the IT complexity to see through the smoke of commerce that much harder.

IBM is right on target with its “smarter commerce” offering.

via ZDNet.




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