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Rant: Apple Safari Browser

I use a 2007 iMac as my daily driver. iMac is an excellent all-in-one PC. I’m thinking of updating it later this year to a Sandy Bridge-based version. But sitting next to the iMac on my console desk is a Windows PC. Why, you might ask? That’s the subject of this rant.

Here’s the near-fatal problem with Safari: there are too many web sites on the Internet that Safari is unable to handle properly. It’s so bad that I really do need that Windows PC next to me.

For example, I never get to see available Mileage Plus award seats at United.com. May explain why I’m pushing 500K available miles with United. Can’t log into SeekingAlpha.com, a financial site. Wall Street Journal service. So many that I’ve lost track over time.

Over the past three years, I’ve sent Apple lots of bug reports. They make that easy. But Apple doesn’t fix these problems.

Today, in frustration and interest, I installed Google’s Chrome OS running on Parallels Desktop over Mac OS X. Two sites with problems on Safari work fine on Chrome, so I reject the “Microsoft made the web site do it wrong” argument I’ve heard Apple use.

Bottom Line: I cannot recommend a Mac to people who are unwilling to install and use an alternative browser to Apple Safari. Sad but true.




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