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iPads replacing restaurant menus, staff

What a great idea! Take a $600 iPad, chain and bolt it to a restaurant table, and let your customers figure out how to order and not have to deal with the surly waitstaff.

Then, let your customers surf the web while eating french fries. No complex, risky cleanup problem there to deal with for every table served. Right?

Finally, have fun dealing with the Feds and angry parents when wise guys exit with a kiddy porn video running for the next family to encounter.

iPads on table tops are a clever, 2011 gimmick idea for restaurants. But the idea should not be implemented. The concept is flawed: cap ex costly, training, customer satisfaction, and labor-intensive. About all the things a restaurant should not do. What’s next? Medical marijuana in a jar on the table?

Nope, take it from me. I have hospitality industry experience from the age of ten. iPads on a restaurant table are a bad, impractical and very expensive idea. I realize that it will be tried, and it’s a 2011 gimmick.

You may see a few brave and soon to be bankrupt entrepreneurs bolting iPads to their tables, but I can give you an iron-clad guarantee that the concept will not go mass market.


Source: – USATODAY.com.


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