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How to Subscribe to This Blog

Dear Readers,

I am pleased that a growing cadre is enjoying my thoughts on the computer industry. Makes me work harder. But I have noticed that an increasing number of you are dropping by the home page frequently, even daily,  looking for fresh content. I won’t be publishing daily, since a) I have a life, and b) important things in the computer industry happen every week or so, not daily.

Your best bet is to subscribe to the blog, so that new posts will be pushed to you automatically:

  1. Click on the title of any blog entry or click here.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Leave a Reply by entering your name, email, and (optional) website, then type “subscribe” or any other (nice) comment.
  4. Click the “Send me site updates” button. That’s what does the subscription.
  5. Click the Post Comments button.

I promise to only publish LOL comments made by new subscribers.

Subscriber name and email will not be published.

That’s it. Keep those cards and letters coming …

Best regards,



One thought on “How to Subscribe to This Blog

  1. Very insightful. It is some kind of irony that poverty and the concomitant lack of reliable electrical and ubiquitous broadband infrastructure in many, highly populous parts of the world is creating a sufficiently large global market to motivate the development of better batteries and wireless services.

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