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Internet accounts for $1 trillion of U.S. economy?

A Boston Consulting Group study for Google of the UK economy concludes that the Internet represents 7.2% of the UK gross domestic product (GDP). That may be a guess, but it’s not likely to be a wild-assed guess.

Why wouldn’t UK economics and Internet maturity also apply to the United States? If so, 7.2% of our $15 trillion economy would be 1.08 trillion dollars in economic activity related to the Internet. The UK is ahead of the US in the BCG “e-intensity index”, but the US has a much larger economy and a much larger technology sector that today is all about the Internet.

Analysis? Not so much. Everybody intuits that the Internet is a very big part of the US economy, and I suspect our national security leaders are pulling their hair out worrying about the day someone or some country tries to take out the Internet. What I predict will happen is that politicians will look (again) at the Internet as a source of revenue.

A trillion dollars is a number worth respecting, studying, and protecting. 



Source: Internet accounts for 7.2% of British economy: study.


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