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Facebook Groups: 2010 Worst User Interface Award

Facebook Groups.

When you create Facebook Groups of friends, a subset of all your FB friends, you must enter the names one-by-one. No hints from your entire list of friends.  No way to simultaneously run down a list of friends while filling in the Group form.  You just have to do it from memory. And at my age with 200+ friends, that’s next to impossible.

Well, not impossible but very tedious.  My most productive method last night was to open six Facebook windows, one with my friends list on it and five others for the five groups that I have created. When I cam across a friend’s name that should be in one of the five groups, I would click over to that window and add the friend to the list. Wasn’t that fun? Good thing I had a nice single malt to sip.

I’ve also noted a couple of other eyebrow-raising things on Facebook.  First, real friends in my private groups can add their friends to the group. I suppose their friends’ friends can also join. Yes, as administrator I can remove these non-friends. Second, Facebook posts now appear in your email box with a valid reply address. One friend replied by email to a post I made before realizing that the off-subject reply was actually a post in the public forum.  Third, uploading photos to Groups is tedious because none of the Facebook and third-party photo uploaders work with Groups. That means you have to select photos by file name from your hard drive and upload it. Another UI disaster.

Once the Group is created, there may be a social pig in that poke. But it will take a mountain of effort for most users to get there. And, since Metcalf’s Law says the bigger the group, the more impact it has, it will be very hard for users to put together larger groups in a timely and efficient way.

Hence, the well-deserved award. Nothing more to say.  Try Facebook Groups and I invite your comments.


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